MediaTek Dimensity 5G chip debut today

MediaTek Dimensity 5G chip debut today

Today, Qualcomm officially released the new generation of 5G mobile platform Snapdragon 870, which is called Snapdragon 865++ by netizens.

And this sub-flagship processor will also be launched by Motorola edge s.

Interestingly, today MediaTek will also release the first Dimensity series 5G chip in 2021, while Qualcomm chose to release the Snapdragon 870 the day before. This is obvious.

MediaTek Dimensity 5G chip debut today
According to previous reports, this new MediaTek Dimensity series is code-named MT6893 (or named Dimensity 1200) and is based on a 6nm process technology.

The chip adopts the latest ARM Cortex A78 architecture design, the main frequency is up to 3.0GHz, composed of four Cortex A78 + four Cortex A55, and the GPU is Mali-G77 MC9.

Combined with the previously exposed AnTuTu running scores, the Tianji 1200 running scores have already surpassed the Snapdragon 865. Combined with the entire market, it is also positioned as a sub-flagship.

According to MediaTek’s official warm-up information, this new Dimensity series is expected to greatly improve the image of the game.

The Redmi K40 Standard Edition is expected to be launched with the MediaTek Dimensity 1200 core.

So, how about the performance of MediaTek Dimensity series new products, can they compete with the Snapdragon 870? The answer will be announced at the new product launch conference of MediaTek Dimensity at 14: 00 this afternoon, so stay tuned.