M1 Mac users complain about SSD excessive wear

Spark Global Limited reports:

Due to Apple’s latest 5nm chip, the performance and power efficiency of the M1 Mac have received a lot of praise, but there are also some shortcomings that have not been mentioned.

First of all, Apple does not provide user-replaceable components, because everything is soldered on the motherboard. Secondly, the memory of all M1 Mac models is limited to 16GB. If you use all the memory, the program will start using SSD as the page file. Unfortunately, some owners complain that the solid state drive is too worn, which may lead to a reduction in the life of the machine.

M1 Mac users complain about SSD excessive wear

A Twitter post initiated by Hector Martin and Longhorn mentioned that their total SSD writes reached an unusually high number within a few months. Martin claimed that his M1 Mac reported that a total of 600GB of data was written on the SSD, and that he did not overuse the machine. Longhorn said that in just two months, his M1 Mac’s 16GB RAM and 256GB SSD write volume has reached 1% of the guaranteed total write volume.

An M1 Mac user with 16GB of RAM and a 2TB solid state drive reported that the total number of bytes that can be written is 3%. He speculates that if it is a 256GB solid state drive, 30% of this value may have been used. According to these calculations, this solid-state hard drive will be completely worn out in two years, requiring customers to repair this Mac or purchase a brand new Mac.

Although PCIe SSDs are lightning fast, they can only handle a limited amount of data writes before the machine starts to have problems. The larger the capacity, the larger the total amount of data that can be written on the Mac. Apple’s Mac OS platform can also ensure that the written data is evenly distributed on the flash memory chip to extend the service life, but at this speed, customers may need to repair the machine as soon as possible. It is still unclear whether the software made an error in reporting the total number of bytes written, or whether the Mac OS inadvertently caused the problem. Hope that Apple will discover this situation and investigate this issue.