Lifelike! Eye camera launched abroad

Lifelike! Eye camera launched abroad

Although the webcam is very popular now, most of the shapes are uniform. Now, as like as two peas, the human eye web camera has been introduced abroad, which greatly improves the man-machine interaction.

Lifelike! Eye camera launched abroad

According to foreign media reports, the Human-Computer Interaction Laboratory of University of sallan in Germany has launched a human eye webcam called eyecam, which is not only in the same shape as the real human eye, but also can blink and turn the eye and even sense the gesture.


It is reported that the camera was developed by Marc Teyssier of the University of sallan to improve the interaction between human and cameras and human communication during the outbreak.


Tyecam seems to be very close to the real eye, tyecam says, not to scare people, but to convey emotional communication through such special interactions in one-to-one conversations.


Eyecam not only imitates the eye movement of users, but also interacts with them by touching, patting and even kneading. For example, when you want to turn off the camera, you just need to cover the eye with your hand, and it can close the eye.


It is understood that the eye of eyecam has webcam sensors and lenses, while it is covered by false silica skull around, and the eyeball and eyebrow can be controlled by six electric servo motors.


Zero can be connected to PC via USB port as webcam through raspberry pie zero. In addition, the source of the code is completely open, and users can download and make the code they need.