Lianfa Tianji’s 1200 running points re exposed

Lianfa Tianji's 1200 running points re exposed

The flagship chip of Lianfa Tianji 1200 was officially released on January 20, 2021. The 6nm process technology of TSMC was adopted. The main frequency of large core can reach 3.0GHz. The core architecture of 1+3+4 is adopted. Realme GT Neo will launch the chip. The micro blogger @ digital chat station has exposed the results of the mobile phone running score evaluation and compares it with a Xiaolong 870 model.


Lianfa Tianji's 1200 running points re exposed

It can be seen from the results that the comprehensive score of Tianji 1200 chip is 711664, which is very close to the 719585 score of Xiaolong 870. Among them, the CPU part of snapdragon 870 is in the lead, and the GPU part of Tianji 1200 is in the lead. There is little gap between the other two projects. The temperature of the mobile phone is 25 ℃, and the core temperature is lower than 35 ℃ at the end of the run. The heating level of the two chips is the same, and there is no overheating.


It home learned that the comprehensive running score of Lianfa sub flagship SOC Tianji 1100 is about 600000, while that of the previous generation Tianji 1000 + is about 510000. It can be seen that the performance of each generation of Tianji series SOC has improved significantly.



The real GT phone was released on March 4. The mobile phone is equipped with the Xiaolong 888 processor, which starts at 2799 yuan. Realme GT Neo will be equipped with Lianfa Tianji 1200, which will be released at 14:30 on March 31. The mobile phone will be equipped with 4500mAh dual core lithium battery and 6.55 inch screen, supporting 65W fast charging and stereo dual speaker. It home will bring timely coverage.