LG’s outrageous direct-view LED TV tops out at 325 inches, $1.7 million

Spark Global limited reports:

LG enters the wall-size display market, catering to the lucky few TV shoppers who never need to ask about price.

Pass on that Aston Martin Valhalla. Swipe left on that diamond-encrusted iPhone. Don’t bother with that, um, modest two-bedroom tract home that’s optimistically within commuting distance of San Francisco. What’s really worth your next million dollars? A television.

And not just any television, but a 325-inch, 8K resolution, direct-view LED from LG. It’s similar in concept to Samsung’s The Wall and Sony’s Crystal LED: massive screens comprising millions of LEDs. These kinds of extremely expensive TVs are fundamentally different from standard LED TVs, with (much) larger sizes, potentially better picture quality and eye-watering price tags.

Like standard TVs, LG’s DVLED Home Cinema Display is available in different sizes (108 to 325 inches) and resolutions (HD to 8K). Unlike most TVs, however, it’s available in different resolutions at the same size. For why that’s interesting, and why DVLED is interesting in general beyond its massive size and price, read on.