LG Display’s latest TV patent is here

Recently, LG Display received approval for a professional design of TV sets. The patent was filed by LG Display with the State Intellectual Property Office of China on September 1, 2020, and was approved on February 26, 2021.


The TV in the picture is composed of a TV host and a base. It adopts a retractable design to freely adjust the length of the TV extending from the base. The name of the TV in the picture is LG EXTENDABLE OLED TV, literally translated as an extendable OLED TV.

In addition, there is a long strip opening in the middle of the base. When the TV is completely stowed in the base, the opening can display the date and time. When the user listens to music, control elements such as play, pause, up and down music will also be displayed there.

This patent can’t help but reminiscent of LG Electronics’ rollable OLED TV, Signature OLED R, which LG also specifically described as “the most innovative development in TV technology in decades.” Its bending properties allow it to shrink partially or fully onto the base to accommodate different aspect ratios, or to completely hide the panel when not in use.LG Display’s latest TV patent is here