Leather A-side ultimate experience Lenovo YOGA Pro 14c 2021 review

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There are fewer and fewer flip-screen laptops, but the Lenovo YOGA series has always inherited this unique design.

  In the past ten years, notebook computers have ushered in earth-shaking changes in form, and the YOGA series innovates and promotes the 360° flip touch screen design, which can be described as an innovative form that has been tested by the market. Compared with the fading out of the pluggable, flip-top, and rotating screen notebook computers, the flip screen is continued because of YOGA, and YOGA is well-known to the public because of the flip screen.

  Not long ago, Lenovo released a new product in the YOGA series-YOGA Pro 14c 2021. As the latest masterpiece of the YOGA series of high-end products, this product is highly anticipated.

  Recently, we finally got this new flagship thin and light product. What are the characteristics of its design? How is the performance? Let us find out.

  ·Select European top layer cowhide to create elegant texture by hand

  In the process of notebook computer development and innovation, the exploration of shell materials has never stopped. The earliest engineering plastics, various alloys that became popular later, to high-end carbon fiber, silicon fiber, and bold bamboo, leather, and so on. This year’s new YOGA Pro 14c 2021 uses Ya black grain leather material on the A side, selects European first-layer cowhide, and is all hand-made, giving users a warm and comfortable touch. At the same time, it also makes the whole product look more elegant.

  In addition, Lenovo has conducted rigorous aging tests on leather materials to ensure that every detail is foolproof.

  The main thin and light Lenovo YOGA Pro 14c 2021 naturally has excellent portability. Its overall thickness is as thin as 15.3mm and weighs about 1.44kg. For a 14-inch notebook with solid materials, Such thickness control and weight control are done very well, giving users a light portability experience.

  ·Seamless integrated design of pressure sensitive vibration touchpad

  The keyboard feel of Lenovo notebooks has always been reassuring. Although the overall body of the YOGA Pro 14c 2021 is very slim, the keystrokes are not short. The entire keyboard has a delicate and soft touch, and the rebound feedback is clear. You will not feel tired when typing for a long time.

  The touchpad design of YOGA Pro 14c 2021 has been greatly evolved, using pressure-sensitive vibration feedback technology. Unlike traditional mechanical structure touchpads, the touchpad of YOGA Pro 14c 2021 does not actually move mechanically when pressed, but transmits tactile perception through vibration feedback.

  This touchpad is perfectly integrated with the wrist rest area, and the high-gloss frosted glass gives a delicate and delicate glass texture. The overall touch is smooth and soft, and the control is precise.

  In the right wrist rest area, there is also an independent fingerprint reader, which uses a hidden ultrasonic recognition method, even if the fingers are sweaty or the hands are wet, you can successfully complete the one-step safe login experience.

  In addition, from the perspective of details, the material around the YOGA Pro 14c 2021 wrist rest is different from that of the keyboard. Because the wrist rest area is a whole piece of glass, and the other areas on the C side are made of metal. Glass and metal, the mix and match between two different materials, although the color of the two is the same, it gives a completely different feeling. This is reflected both in the look and feel, but also in the actual touch.

  ·1988 normal sound holes create shocking sound quality

  As a flip-screen laptop, YOGA Pro 14c 2021 supports four use modes: notebook, standing, tent, and tablet. At the same time, the soul of flip-screen computers, that is, the design of the screen axis part is not simple. Because it takes on the function of the screen axis, it also incorporates high-quality speakers, and the two speakers in the axis adopt a tunnel-type sound cavity design. The larger the sound cavity, the fuller the sound. My actual listening experience is that the sound is louder and more transparent than ordinary laptops.