launch 5g phones

launch 5g phones

Recently, HTC (HTC) announced that its unaudited comprehensive income in November 2020 was NT $555 million (US $19.7 million), which was less than 1% higher than the reported amount of NT $550 million (US $19.5 million) in November 2019. In 2020, HTC’s total revenue was NT $5.191 billion (US $210 million), a significant decrease of 44.8% from the reported S $9.11 billion (US $320 million) at this stage last year.


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However, this figure is not high enough to make November the best month for HTC in 2020. HTC’s total revenue in October was NT $430 million (US $15.2 million), but that figure still cannot make up for the huge gap in HTC’s losses. HTC said it will continue to focus on expanding its VR product line and may release several 5g smartphones in the future.


HTC G1, the world’s First Android phone, was launched by HTC in September 2008. At present, it is the world’s second largest manufacturer of VR head mounted display with its main business of R & D and manufacturing of smart phones and virtual reality (VR) equipment. In 2018, HTC was selected as Taiwan’s top 20 international brands with a brand value of US $267 million, ranking 14th.

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