Kylin’s stock finally ran out

The P50 series, which was supposed to be released in the spring, has been put off to Midsummer, and it is still not 100% certain when it will appear. The current saying is July 29, but no one knows whether it will be postponed again.

As we all know, Huawei is seriously short of “cores”, and the inventory of Kirin processors is getting smaller and smaller. In order to continue its products, Huawei has to change its core.

Kylin’s stock is finally exhausted! Huawei P50 Pro has no choice but to become “heart”

According to @ magic technology Jun, a digital blogger who has long been following Huawei, the P50 standard version will be launched in September, directly equipped with a Qualcomm processor—— Previously, it was said that the first batch of Xiaolong 888 was sold in mid and early August, and only the 4G version of the plug-in 5g baseband was castrated.

As for the P50 pro, it will be first launched in August. The processor is its own Kirin, but in December, it will be replaced by a Qualcomm processor, Kirin 9000 to snapdragon 8884g?

So, the P50 PRO + of “super bowl”? No news yet

This also means that Kirin 9000’s stock will eventually run out by the end of this year.

So what about next year’s mate 50 series? Will there be any more? Or go directly to all of them?

For the situation of Huawei mobile phone, some netizens lament that it is really too difficult, just like a restaurant operator, who requires to cook, grow, open up wasteland, sow, fertilize, develop agricultural tools, harvest and do everything by himself…..

Kylin’s stock is finally exhausted! Huawei P50 Pro has no choice but to become “heart”

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Huawei’s P50 series mobile phone was supposed to be released around the world in March this year, but it has been delayed due to unfair restrictions on Huawei.

Not long ago, it was reported that the P50 series will be released on July 29, and the number of revelations about this model has increased significantly recently. It seems that the date of release is really near.

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