KFC 4K / 120 game console announced ticket skipping

Whose pot is the iPhone 12 signal poor?

I don’t know if you still remember that KFC released a game console “kfconsole” on social media in June this year, which was scheduled to be released on November 12, and then announced the ticket skipping to December 11. Now, KFC gaming officially announced that the new console kfconsole will be put on sale again, and the new release date will be December 18.

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The goal is to create the strongest mainframe in the universe and the strongest fried chicken in the universe, officials said in the announcement. They know that for complex and creative hosts, another seven days doesn’t seem to make a big difference, but this time it will!


According to the official introduction, this KFC host can not only run games with 4K / 120fps, but also support cross platform compatibility. Of course, the most important thing is: it also has a grill, which is a game machine that can fry chicken!


For KFC to do the game console, I believe that most people are holding the mentality of watching the fun. There should not be many people think that KFC will really launch the console. Moreover, it is a console with the function of oven, which can only be described as ridiculous. But judging from the official attitude of KFC, it really doesn’t look like a joke.


In short, is it true that the truth will be revealed on December 18! If it is true, I wonder if you will buy it?