Keychron K2 Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard

Keychron K2 Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard

Some people may not be very familiar with the Keychron brand. In fact, it was established as early as 2017 and launched the first product named K1 in 2018. After that, it has successively launched K2, K4 and other mechanical keyboards. The feedback is very good in the European and American markets.

Keychron K2 Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard
Keychron K2 Bluetooth dual-mode mechanical keyboard adopts a narrow frame + different shades of gray keycap + Bluetooth dual-mode + embedded design, making the overall appearance very simple and low-key, and the compact and concise configuration is also very suitable for users to carry or use on business trips. , As an office mechanical keyboard, it is sufficient to meet all needs.

The keyboard’s keycap is OEM height, and the top of the keycap also has an arc design suitable for finger tapping. With its two-stage support feet and its own wooden hand rest, it can be seen that its height and slope are still very high. Naturally appropriate, it can form an angle of 6-9 degrees with the desktop, and the actual experience is also very comfortable.

The left side of the keyboard has a USB Type-C interface that can power the keyboard, and the two buttons below have the functions of switching between Win/Android or Mac/IOS systems, and Bluetooth or wired dual-mode switch, compared to shortcut key switching In other words, this physical button is much simpler and faster. In order to better match the Mac/IOS system, it is also specially marked on the keycap to make it more convenient for users to use.

which is very non-slip.

The keyboard comes with a wooden hand rest, although the taste is a bit big, but the hand feel and wood grain texture look good, but because it is made of wood, the wood grain and spots on each hand rest cannot be guaranteed. The wooden hand rest is unique. The surface of the hand rest is polished, the corners are also curved, and there is a metal LOGO sticker on the right side.The back of the keyboard is very simple, with 4 small pieces of non-slip rubber and two-stage support feet, and there are 2 large pieces of non-slip rubber under the hand rest, which is very non-slip.

Although it is arranged with 84 keys, it has the same functions as 104 keys. Through the combination of FN key and other keys, you can use F1~F12 key functions, multimedia functions, backlight adjustment functions, etc., and FN+1/2/ 3 You can also switch connected Bluetooth devices at will.

The keycap of the keyboard is made of ABS material, and the surface feels smooth, but the thickness of the keycap is slightly thinner. As for the shaft, it uses the Jiadalong mechanical shaft. There are three options for red, tea, and green shafts. The button life is 50 million times. The one in the author’s hand is the Jiadalong red shaft. Its red shaft feels similar to the CHERRY red shaft, but the overall feel is softer, the keycap also has a slight shake, and the details need to be enhanced.The keyboard’s lighting performance is still good. It has two backlight versions to choose from. One is a monochrome white version with 15 lighting effects, and the other is an RGB version with 17 lighting effects. White backlit version. It is very good in the uniformity and smoothness of the lighting effect, but the light brightness is slightly weaker. The lighting effect can be adjusted through the shortcut keys, and the playability is good. If you want to quickly turn off the backlight, just press FN + the light key in the upper right corner to turn it on or off.The keyboard is designed with a 4000mAh lithium battery. It can be used for 80 hours after 6 hours of charging (with the backlight turned off). It can be used continuously for half a month based on 5 hours a day. It is absolutely no problem for daily short-term business trips.