It’s not lethal, it’s insulting

In the era of fast charging, a small charger is enough to trigger a “bloodbath”. So Xiaomi 55W Gan charger, which has a “historical mission”, we certainly can’t miss it. Let’s open the box first.
1、 A few words before opening the box

It's not lethal, it's insulting

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When the cold wave comes, all the charging heads come to a warm place. No matter how good Xiaomi’s charging head is, it can’t pass. At that time, there was a lot to say about this product, so we contacted the blogger who got this charger on Weibo, asked for permission, got some photos, and gave you a fake box.
2、 Get started
Let’s look at the packaging first. The packaging of Xiaomi 55W Gan charger inherits the family style. It is mainly white, slightly yellow. On the front is a rendering of the product and the millet logo. Apart from that, there is nothing else, which is very simple.
One of the reasons for the expensive packaging of mobile phone chargers is that they don’t need to be packaged well this time.
Take Xiaomi 55W Gan charger as an example, the packaging is not as thick and fall resistant as the common mobile phone hard shell packaging, but the protection is certainly enough for the charger. Wool comes from sheep, and all costs are ultimately borne by consumers. As far as we are concerned, the charger packaging is basically disposable. As long as the basic protection is enough, it is really “not worth” to spend more money. Of course, different people have different opinions on this matter, and you are right.
2、 Charger appearance
The overall appearance of the charger can also see the style of Xiaomi’s previous chargers, but it seems that the bright side is brighter, with the word “Gan” printed on the side. This charger is not like the 65W or Gan charger released earlier this year.
In my hand, it’s quite small. On the other side, the word “55W” is printed in the upper right corner, echoing the 50W fast charging claimed by Xiaomi 11.
The parameters are printed on the pin surface, and the excerpts are as follows:
Model: mdy-12-eq
Input: 100-240V ~, 56 / 60Hz, 1.5
Output: 5v3a / 9v3a / 11v5a max / 20v2.5a Max
Xiaomi Communication Technology Co., Ltd
The output voltage of most of them is 5V, and the output voltage of most of them is 5V.
Comparing Xiaomi 55W charger with Xiaomi 33W charger, we can see that 55W is one circle smaller than 33W. Really, my Lord, times have changed.
Then from the side contrast, dare feeling 55W is 33W reduced version (funny. JPG).
In terms of interface, Xiaomi 55W Gan charger still uses Xiaomi magic modified A-port PD scheme, which means that the charger must be equipped with the same magic modified ATOC special data line to trigger the PD output function. The purchase of the charger will provide a magic modified ATOC special data line.
3、 The influence of the first “if there is nothing” charger
The world really needs environmental protection. Many times, big companies have the obligation and responsibility to promote environmental protection, but the ways and methods of business behavior need to be considered. Apple dares to directly announce that it doesn’t have a charger. Although it scolds a lot, it has little impact on sales and costs have been reduced.
For Xiaomi, there are several points to be seen in various operations. First, the charger will not be given away. When it is actually released, it will be matched at the same price, and the option will be given to the users. It not only makes a lot of eyes, but also satirizes a large factory for what is really environmental protection. It can be said that the damage is not great and the insult is very strong.
For the power supply industry, Xiaomi’s move quickly brought “Gan” chargers to the market, not only inculcating Xiaomi’s advantages in black technology to consumers, but also bringing light to third-party Gan chargers, which is of great significance in the long run.

Summary of charging head network

Image: Spark Global
For consumers, looking at this trend, there may be no chargers for mobile phones one day. But don’t worry too much. At that time, most people certainly had more chargers. At that time, third-party chargers were more popular than they are now. Maybe the fast charging agreement was unified at that time?
Summary of charging head network
Let’s talk about the advantages first. This charger is classic in appearance and fair in appearance. It is made of gallium nitride with small volume. The maximum support 55W Xiaomi 11 dedicated fast charge, the performance is also good. And this charger is free! Cough, to put it better, the right to choose is still in the hands of users.
It’s not without deficiencies. The charger uses non foldable pins, so it’s hard to go out in the bag. In addition, the charger only has a single port, or usb-a interface, in the usb-c trend, some out.
However, as a standard charger for mobile phones, the above shortcomings are not problems. I won’t say more here. I will talk about them in detail in the formal evaluation. We have bought this product. We will evaluate and disassemble it when we go back. Goodbye.

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