It turns out that it is the first successor of one plus 8t

It turns out that it is the first successor of one plus 8t

This year, 9R launched its third model of smart phones in China. In the past, Yijia kept the pace of updating its products twice a year, and they were generally standard version and pro version. Since last year, Yijia tried to launch Nord series overseas to enter the mid-range mobile phone market.

It turns out that it is the first successor of one plus 8t

One plus 9R first appeared overseas, and the first one to land in the Indian market. But different from Nord series, one plus 9R finally met with Chinese consumers.


One plus 9R officially launched in China

Originally, we thought that this year’s one plus nine is the successor of one plus 8t. Now we get the one plus 9R product, and we find that it has been slapped in the face. It can be said that compared with one plus nine, one plus 9R is closer to one plus 8t. Today, while talking about the one plus 9R product, we also want to talk about the difference between it and one plus 8t and one plus 9. By the way, how to choose three mobile phones.


Appearance: one plus 9 Pro


Appearance should be one of the biggest improvements of one plus 9R compared with one plus 8t. The one plus 9R camera is completely designed with reference to the one plus 9 pro. Although it is similar to the one plus 8t camera in style, shape and arrangement, it only adjusts the material of the glass cover plate, but it makes it look much better. Unfortunately, one plus 9R does not have the “Hasu” logo.


The back design is consistent with one plus 9 pro, and the back design is consistent with one plus 9 pro

Hasu logo disappeared

In addition, a very important point is that one plus 9R and one plus 8t adopt metal middle frame, while one plus 9 adopts plastic middle frame. In terms of weight, the one plus 9R of the metal middle frame weighs 6G more than 9. If you don’t compare it carefully, you can’t feel it. Plastic or metal, in fact, the difference is not so obvious, it depends on whether you care.


The symbolic three-stage button is reserved, the metal middle frame is reserved, and the metal middle frame is reserved

The one plus 9R screen is also inherited from the one plus 8t, 6.55-inch Samsung flexible screen, with a screen refresh rate of 120Hz and a touch sampling rate of 240Hz. The direct screen design is more friendly to competitors and gamers. In terms of function, it makes some adjustments compared with one plus nine. It does not support environment color adaptation, that is, it adjusts the screen color temperature according to the ambient light, and it does not support video super clear enhancement. But then again, despite the details, a 9R plus screen is still a good one.


There is still a good screen, there is still a good screen

Hardware: one plus 8t chip upgrade


This time, Yijia specially emphasizes that “the straight screen is more friendly to the players”, and also makes a supporting split mobile shoulder key for Yijia 9R, which naturally means self-evident. One plus this set of split hand shoulder keys, you need to set the key position in advance, and then clamp the accessories. Button feel is quite good, very crisp.