it seems that the people really can’t afford to use the power bank

it seems that the people really can't afford to use the power bank

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The “beautiful looking” shared power bank has encountered many problems.


The sharing power bank has set off another wave. But for users, this wave is not a good thing.


“When I wanted to call a car in the mall, my mobile phone ran out of power and I scanned a shared power bank. It took 10 minutes from loan to return, and 4 yuan was deducted from me, especially when it told you that the first five minutes were free. ” Zhang Yang, who lives in Guangzhou, complained to the geek park.


There are not a few users who have opened social media and expressed their anger at the quietly rising price of the shared power bank, and even went to microblog hot search. After a festival, the price of the shared power bank is increased by 1 yuan and 10 yuan an hour. If it is not paid, 99 yuan will be deducted After the youth lost the freedom of chelizi, even the freedom of the power bank was almost lost.


Zhang Yang boasts that he doesn’t have any electric anxiety disorder. He doesn’t pay too much attention to the power of his mobile phone when he goes out. When he has no electricity, he uses the shared power bank. However, several recent experiences have made him realize that the money he spent on sharing the power bank is not as good as carrying a power bank with him.


However, behind the crazy price hike, the power bank practitioners have expressed the “hardship” of the industry.


User habit training completed


After three years of development, the sharing power bank has gone through several ups and downs, but failed to make the industry disappear.


In the era of sharing economy, after Didi, Uber and other online car hailing and bike sharing have become hot topics for entrepreneurship, people are also looking for products that can be shared. During this period, Baocheng is the next “wind outlet”.


However, people are full of doubts about the idea of sharing the power bank. Wang Sicong, a former “national husband”, once claimed in his circle of friends that “sharing the power bank can make you eat x live.”


Wang Sicong’s famous “shared power bank gambling” network


But this can’t stop the rapid development of shared power bank. According to the statistics of some institutions, in only two months from April to June 2017, there were 11 related financing events, with 1.2 billion yuan entering, which was nearly five times of the amount of financing obtained when sharing bicycles first appeared in 2015.


How crazy the tuyere is, the speed of falling is also very fast. In the near 10 years, the company will stop its operation if it does not pass the liquidation project.


After the reshuffle period, the key word of the industry is “steady growth”. Although relatively low-key, but the enterprises began to make money. Street power, small power and other enterprises have announced profits one after another, making people start to look at the shared power bank from different angles.


Taking bike sharing as a contrast, both belong to the mode born in the era of sharing economy. Bike sharing and power bank sharing are now divided: the former is no longer a business of a start-up company, but more as an access to traffic, and it is difficult to make a profit; and the shared rechargeable is really becoming a business, which proves itself with profits.


Why is this happening? In an interview with geek Park, a sharing economy researcher said that the two financial models can theoretically run through. The production cost of each bike sharing machine is lower than that of each shared power bank machine. However, the operation and maintenance cost of bike sharing is higher, and the loss rate is also large, so it is difficult to achieve profit together.