It may be much harder to download a piece of software now than it was a decade ago

It may be much harder to download a piece of software now than it was a decade ago

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Surfing the modern Internet requires a lot of skills, one of which is knowing how to download software.

“No, no? It’s not true that some people don’t download software, do they? ” When you see the above paragraph, maybe someone is muttering in his heart.

In fact, even if you’re an intellectual with more than ten years of the Internet age, it’s easy to have trouble downloading software. When you search the browser for software not available in the official store, you will see a bunch of download buttons such as “safe download”, “high-speed download”, “one-click download”, “immediate download”, “direct download”, “Android download”, “click download”.

When you click one of the buttons with confidence, you find that you are downloading not the software you want, but a third-party app store, or even other unrelated software. A certain f word may be blurted out.

This phenomenon is especially obvious in Android and windows markets.


Downloading software is the process of fighting wits and bravery

As a photography enthusiast, snapseed is an essential software in my mobile phone. It’s a powerful and simple tool for map revision. I’ve been using it for seven years.

After becoming a worker in the field of digital technology, I naturally came into contact with many new machines. When downloading software for a new mobile phone, due to the diversity of software stores of various brands, such as snapseed, which is affiliated to Google, it may not be found in the software mall.

The left is realme mall, the right is vivo mall, the left is realme mall, and the right is vivo mall

So the simplest way is to download it from the official website. However, for this type of foreign software, it is generally necessary to have a strong online ability to enter the official website. For users who are too lazy to study, the simplest way is to download from a third-party website through Baidu search.

For example, I use a mobile phone of realme and type “snapseed” into my browser to search. The default Baidu search engine will list out many download addresses for me.

At the top of the list is a seemingly great program. Look at its description and click “download” to get the latest version of snapseed. However, after clicking “download”, the pop-up window shows that the name of the installation package is not “snapseed”, but “app”.

App app is a software platform, which belongs to Tencent. App Bao is a software platform, belonging to Tencent

After I closed the pop-up window, I tried to enter the page by clicking on the title to find the “correct” download link. After entering the next page, you can see the huge “free download” at first sight. “Don’t try to fool me,” I thought. The small word “ordinary download” is the real download channel.

As a result, I am still too young. No matter which download link I click, the downloaded software is “app treasure”. What’s more, the pop-up window of “normal download” shows a string of English characters, which is more confusing.