Is it possible to coexist or replace air disinfection?

Is it possible to coexist or replace air disinfection?

It can be said that the air purifier is almost brought to the Chinese market by the air environment. In the past few years, the serious domestic pollution has provided a good environment for the air purifier to take root. The annual explosive growth of more than 100% also confirms this point. However, it can be said that “success is not as good as defeat”. In recent years, without the support of environmental factors, the air purifier is not satisfied in the domestic market. In particular, its main function of removing haze and formaldehyde has been gradually realized in the air conditioner, which is the main banner of health. Therefore, the air purifier industry can be said to be in a dilemma.

However, the same products brought up by the external environment are air disinfectors. Air disinfector is mainly used in some crowded public places, especially in hospitals, where environmental hygiene requirements are very high. Air is the main vector of disease transmission. Blocking indoor virus transmission can effectively control the occurrence of nosocomial infection. And the air disinfector has played a great role here. In addition, household type products have also appeared in disinfection machines, but they have been tepid in recent years. The arrival of the epidemic not only makes many household appliance enterprises layout the industry, but also makes consumers pay special attention to this product.


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Working principle of air disinfector


According to the working principle of disinfection, there are several types of technology used in air disinfector, such as photocatalyst, anion, ozone, among which ultraviolet and plasma are the most effective and widely used.


UV technology: UV sterilization technology uses the principle of radiation damage to microorganisms caused by the strong absorption of nuclear protein to 200 ~ 300nm band radiation. Through the ultraviolet radiation on bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms, it breaks the bond and chain, making them die or lose the reproductive capacity immediately. The advantage is that, in theory, the mortality rate of bacteria is 100% in the range of ultraviolet radiation. The disadvantage is that it will produce radiation to the human body, but at present some ultraviolet air Disinfectors on the market have been able to achieve the coexistence of man and machine.


Plasma technology: the plasma sterilization and purification equipment adopts the gas discharge plasma technology, which is a frontier technology of sterilization and disinfection. On the one hand, its internal huge electric field makes serious breakdown and damage to the bacterial cell membrane; on the other hand, it opens the gas molecular bond to generate some monoatomic molecules and free radicals such as negative oxygen ions, OH ions and free oxygen atoms The excited state particles can also radiate ultraviolet radiation. Its advantages lie in the rapid onset of bactericidal effect, obvious effect, and can achieve human-computer coexistence.