Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound?

The high refresh rate is also this year's flagship mobile phone

Before writing this article, I have published two videos on a third-party video platform. If you have read it carefully, it is not difficult to find that there is a certain connection between the two videos. On November 23, an audio quality experience video about Huawei sound was uploaded. Three days later, an open package evaluation video was uploaded. The one at the back can be regarded as the “director’s editing version” at the front.


Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound_ Sina public test


The name “director’s Edition” is named because there are many personal feelings in it. In fact, it is not objective.

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I am very reluctant to show all aspects of a product in the video. Unless the content is very attractive, the audience is tired and can’t get the point when they make the video. The article form can jump to see, and video, want to jump to see their favorite content, you have to adjust the progress bar back and forth, very troublesome.


Let’s go back to this article. I will focus on the content that has a direct impact on the user experience during the two weeks of using Huawei sound


Streaming media resources and sound quality performance.


After more than two weeks of detailed use, what impresses me most is the sound quality, which is definitely the biggest highlight of this speaker, and there is no one of them. This part will be explained in detail in the second half of the article. But if you only write about the sound quality, it will be a shame to a “smart audio”.



Besides the sound quality, what other experiences can Huawei sound give me?


It is necessary to talk about the support of this speaker for streaming media platform.


To be honest, as a music user of Netease cloud, I seldom pay attention to and use other domestic streaming media platforms except Netease cloud. When I tested the speaker and used the software settings of AI speaker, I noticed for the first time that this officially produced software of Huawei integrates Huawei music, kugou music, hi res and other streaming media platforms into the same interface. This has the advantage of no longer having to worry about finding the music I like.


With the help of the tens of millions of Music Libraries of Huawei music and cool dog music, I tried the search function, and the music library can basically complement each other.


Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound_ Sina public test


The price is quite high


However, the problem arises at this time. Huawei and Sony select hi res as the streaming media platform to cooperate, which can meet the needs of some high-quality music enthusiasts. However, in my opinion, there is not a big gap between the two hi res payment service options, services and prices. The membership of hi res plus ranges from 79 yuan / month to 998 / year. Compared with ordinary members of hi res, there are only 96KHz music and 96KHz music library, and the price is only 19 yuan higher than the regular monthly price. From the actual listening effect, if you care about the sound quality, it is recommended to choose the hi res plus monthly edition directly.


In addition, on the AI speaker app, you can directly subscribe to Himalaya, dragonfly FM and other streaming media resources suitable for the whole family to listen to through the “voice” column. In my opinion, Huawei wants to “occupy” the entertainment center in the living room. It takes great pains to integrate audio resources suitable for all ages.


Although the integration is very comprehensive, the whole UI interface displays too much information, which is a little messy. I suggest that the large icon special area should be directly used to replace the scattered open UI.


As I said earlier, I currently use Netease cloud music to listen. I can accept the cost of only ten yuan a month. If I don’t want to spend dozens of yuan a month to buy Sony’s hi res plus members, Netease cloud is enough.


Here, I give Netease cloud music to listen to Huawei sound series of small partners with a suggestion: directly use DLNA transmission. This system is lossless transmission. The source file is directly transmitted to sound and then decoded. Compared with LDAC, the process of transcoding and then transmitting will consume less audio files.


Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound_ Sina public test


DLNA transport recommended


And from the actual sense of hearing, DLNA has better low frequency information.


Now that we’ve talked about the sound quality, I’d like to talk to you about Huawei sound quality. That’s what I really want to share with you.


In my opinion, Huawei’s sound smart sound is more “healthy” than x sound, and the low-frequency sense is “convergent”; in addition, the connection of the three frequencies is also natural.


Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound_ Sina public test


I don’t like the low frequency of sound X which is too thick and large. Although it’s very cool at first, I feel a little fidgety after a long time.


Huawei sound, on the other hand, is much more “convergent” than x in terms of low frequency sense, which is closely related to the redesigned cavity unit and structure. Although the same as sound x, push-push symmetrical acoustic balance design is adopted, but the actual working principle is very different. Huawei sound adopts active unit + passive radiation unit design, and only has a 4-inch bass unit with rated power of 40W. Although the unit size is larger than 3.5 inches of X, the actual low-frequency performance is not as exaggerated as sound x because the rated power is only 2 / 3 of X and the vibration is radiated by passive passive radiator.


Is 999 Yuanhua worth buying for sound_ Sina public test


However, it does not mean that in other low-frequency qualities, there are also some “low-frequency” qualities