IPhone13 price and 12 keep the same! These thirteen are really fragrant!

Spark Trader Limited reports:

Spark Trader Limited reports:

Last night iPhone13 price news in micro blog is also a hot search, Sina Technology official micro blog wrote, according to the latest data, iPhone13 series price will be the same as iPhone12 series last year! Pirates see this news, but also feel that last year did not buy iPhone12 everyone, can indeed shout out the slogan of “thirteen incense”!

This year’s iPhone13, from the exposure of information we also know, although it is always the iPhone squeeze toothpaste type update, but these points let the pirates feel, if the price and iPhone12 about the same, iPhone13 is very fragrant:

First of all, the entire series is updated A15 system, and the launch of 5nm+ chip, which is already on the balance of performance to attract users iPhone will have a better experience;

Secondly, in terms of battery life, because of the improvement of system capability, the battery life is better. Especially, the battery of Pro has been upgraded this time. For the first time, it has exceeded 4000 mah, and it is estimated to be around 4300 mah.

Finally, one of the most anticipated upgrades for the Pro and above, the 120Hz screen refresh rate, may be the most anticipated upgrade for Apple fans in years!

In general, the price of iPhone13 series will make more iPhone fans who are ready or determined to buy it smell good. Although the price of Apple is indeed high in the mobile phone, we can see from the sales over the years that the experience of using the iPhone has left all the loyal fans! In the end, the 13Pro and Pro Max would have been more worthwhile if the pirates had to choose! What do you think? Will you buy this year’s 13?