IPhone13 details revealed, new video portrait mode, battery could be the biggest failure

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

As huawei P50 series, mi MIX4 and other domestic flagship machine have been released, many consumers have begun to focus on the iPhone13 body, this mysterious flagship is also emerging step by step. Coincidentally, according to the foreign media 9to5Mac Revelations, iPhone13 details have been exposed, the new video portrait mode, the battery fear into the biggest failure, let’s have a look.

According to the convention, iPhone13 is still the main force of iPhone13 series shipment, so the comprehensive quality must be polished in place, hardware heap material needs to be tough, software collaboration must also keep up. Of course, iPhone13 will most likely debut in September this year. It’s coming soon.

The iPhone13 is expected to receive major upgrades, including a new portrait mode for iPhone video, called “cinematic video,” ProRes, a higher quality format for professional video editors, and a new filter like system to improve the look and tone of photos. It’s worth noting that the iPhone13’s main camera is likely to be upgraded from 5p (F /2.4) and FF to 7P (F /1.8) and AF, and there’s a chance to add sensor-Shift optical image stabilization previously available only on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. But it is still 12 million pixels, mainly relying on the algorithm to improve the analytical power.

Considering the iPhone13 may only 90HZ high refresh rate, and 120HZ will only appear in the iPhone13 Pro series, in the touch advantage is probably not too much change, mainly relying on IOS15 mature gesture logic support, fluency is likely to improve a level, The second generation of the giant magnetic crystal panel combined with a smaller fringe OLED screen brings more wear and fall resistance while also taking into account the visual effect. It’s worth noting that the iPhone13 will also have a diagonal camera arrangement, and the “sunset gold” color scheme could also greatly enhance recognition.

In terms of performance, the iPhone13’s A15 bionic processor, which is based on an improved 5nm process, is already a sure thing. The performance of this SOC is nearly 35% higher than the previous generation. It should be ok to roll over most android flagship devices, and the signal is expected to improve after the qualcomm X60 baseband upgrade. However, according to the Eurasian commission’s access information, the iPhone13’s battery capacity is only 3,095 mah, which would be a failure for battery life.

The US version of the iPhone 13 will start at $699, digital bloggers said, while the Chinese mainland version is expected to start at 5,999 yuan to 6,299 yuan, roughly the same as its predecessor. Also, with reports that a new iPhone 13 will be released in September, cook seems confident that demand for the new iPhone is up 20 percent, up 15 million units from last year’s 75 million for the iPhone 12 series.

To sum up, iPhone13 product positioning is very clear, more details about it have been exposed at present, in the appearance level, performance, image and other elements up and down after the effort, if finally can adhere to the conscience pricing, eventually should be a “really fragrant” flagship.