IPhone12 “clearance sale”? Down 1100 yuan,

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

China as a huge market ah, there are many foreign enterprises in the development of competition in the market, and these enterprises can be said to have good and bad, now with the development of the domestic society ah, many domestic brands are also gradually rising, many in the country to make up the number of foreign companies crowded out.

And still stay to develop, not their own strength is very strong, is the product in the market performance of a very good brand. As a leader in mobile phone products, Apple has both these two characteristics, and now it can be said that its development in China is very good.

Because Apple’s iPhone products are different from other products in the market, both the performance and configuration make iPhone products very different from other brands in the domestic market.

The earlier iPhone products, even classified as luxury goods, were also called “kidney machine” in the year. Although it is not so exaggerated now, Apple’s iPhone products are still in the high-end products in the market.

Indeed, Apple’s iPhone products are really excellent in the domestic market, which is the reason why Apple is different from Samsung and has not been squeezed out of the Competition in the Chinese market.

Apple’s products, with the excellent performance of iOS, can ensure that iPhone products in the hands of users much longer than android products. It can also be said that this advantage enables users to buy iPhone products although they still spend a lot of money, but they think it is worth it.

It is also because of the excellent performance of iOS that Apple can slowly release a new series of products a year.

Compared with the Android camp, Apple’s push speed can be said to be very slow.

The iPhone products

And every time the iPhone company releases its new product, the old product will also usher in a wave of sales increase, which is very rare in the Android camp, why?

In fact, it is due to the excellent performance of iOS system and the excellent quality of iPhone products. With the excellent market performance, Apple Can really say that the new technology used in new products is like squeezing toothpaste. Each time, there is a relatively big change in one aspect, while the other aspects are only a little changed.

But with each new product launch, Apple has changed the price of its older iphones to pave the way for new ones, and the same is true for Android devices.

However, because of the price reduction, and after comparing the new products, many consumers found that the iPhone product was more fragrant with the price reduction, although a large number of consumers would choose to buy the old products.

Like the iPhone12 and iPhone13.

As time goes on, we’re getting closer to the release of the iPhone13, there’s more and more exposure on the Internet about the iPhone13, and apple has issued a warning this year, so it seems that a lot of the information should be very relevant.

So compared to the details of the iPhone13 now known, it’s an improvement, but it’s also not a big change. To be fair, still the good place is good, the original bad place is bad, such as batteries.

In contrast, the price of the iPhone12 is still more fragrant.

And the exposure of a big detail, is or iPhone13 will cancel the charging jack, instead of all by wireless charging, although this exposure is still very controversial, but look at Apple before the cancellation of the iPhone product headphone jack practice, it is not impossible, but dealing with the charging jack and the role of file transfer, Should not be canceled easily, whether it is true or not depends on the release.

But then again, as the iPhone13 launch gets closer, the price of the iPhone12 has been lowered to the clearance price, which does make the iPhone13 look a little less “13”.