IPhone reproduces Wi Fi vulnerability

Finally catching up with Android! iPhone 13 re-exposure

At the end of last month, @ Carl Schou, a security officer, discovered a peculiar bug of Apple’s iPhone. After connecting to WiFi with specific SSID “% P% s% s% s% n”, the wireless connection function of the mobile phone will be invalid, and the network needs to be reset in the settings to recover.

Now he has found a more serious loophole.

If your iPhone is connected with Wi Fi called “% secretclub% power”, then the iPhone may no longer be able to use the Wi Fi function normally. Even if you restore the network settings, it may not be able to solve the problem. You can only erase all the data of your phone completely.

This bug was initially considered to be a problem of IOS input parsing, in which the percentage symbol may be misunderstood by IOS as a string format specifier, that is, the character after the symbol may be regarded as a variable or command rather than plain text, which will lead to errors in the iPhone Wi Fi function.

The new SSID bug shows that the use of the percentage symbol after the characters s and P is most likely the problem with the bug. The analysis of the bug confirms that it is caused by a string format encoding error in the underlying IOS network stack, although it may not be used maliciously.

However, Carl Schou did not specify the IOS version and iPhone device that triggered the bug, and the specific situation of the affected devices is not yet known.