IPhone helps you sleep better

IPhone helps you sleep better

March 19 afternoon news, the annual World Sleep Day (March 19) is coming, have you started to pay attention to your sleep quality? Let’s take this opportunity to introduce some sleep tips to improve sleep quality with your iPhone and apple watch.

IPhone helps you sleep better

1. Let iPhone help you set up a routine


Enough sleep is very important for health, but many people will encounter such a situation – Thinking of going to bed early, and it’s past zero as soon as they look up. IPhone has its own health app to help you solve this problem.


Make good use of sleep app

In the health app, you can set work and rest time, set goals, such as the length of sleep every night, weekly schedule, and so on. In addition, the “relax before going to bed” function can directly remind you of the bedtime every night, and also prompt you with various shortcuts to relax before going to bed, such as setting specific scenes in the home app and listening to the song list of comfort on Apple music. These shortcuts will appear on the lock screen near bedtime to help you develop a good rest.


2. Pay attention to your sleep quality with apple Watch


Using apple watch to monitor sleep using apple watch to monitor sleep

Apple watch has a new sleep app that can help you set your schedule, develop your sleep habits, and achieve your sleep goals. Apple watch uses the acceleration sensor signal to determine whether you are awake or sleeping, so it can track your sleep duration every night and see the sleep trend over a period of time.


Of course, through the health app, you can also easily view sleep history and other health data.

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