IPhone 13 will complete the final

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It has been reported that Apple may add under screen fingerprints to this year’s iPhone 13. Now it’s just wishful thinking.

According to the latest news from the upstream supply chain, Apple has basically completed the design of the iPhone 13, and the previously rumored fingerprint under the screen will not appear on the new machine.

According to the latest news, the iPhone 13 is just a small change to the iPhone 12, and if you add the fingerprint under the screen, it means that the new machine will be adjusted completely. Even if Apple has such an idea, it is basically the next year.

According to the previous news, it has been basically determined that the iPhone 13 will usher in changes in appearance this year, and high swipe screen will be added for the first time, which will bring a very silky operating experience under the delicate dynamic effect blessing of IOS.

It is worth noting that, in addition to the first high swipe screen, there is also news that the iPhone 13 will become the first iPhone in Apple’s history to reduce its price.

It is reported that after Apple launched the iPhone 1 in 2007, new products will be released every year, and the price will continue to rise to a certain extent. The iPhone 12 has also increased by $100 (about 600 yuan) compared with the previous iPhone 11 series. However, the iPhone 13, which will be released in September this year, is expected to maintain the original price or even lower the price due to market pressure and competitors’ strategies.

In addition, Guo Mingxu of Tianfeng securities also predicted that Apple may launch a 6.7-inch iPhone priced below $900 (about 5800 yuan) this year, setting the lowest price record for an iPhone of the same size.