iPhone 13 may shrink the “bangs” design

iPhone 13 may shrink the "bangs" design

After Apple switched to Face ID from the iPhone X, many people disliked the “bangs” design on its front panel. Starting from the iPhone XS generation, there have been rumors that the next generation will shrink the size of the “bangs”, but the truth is On the other hand, except for the iPhone 12 mini because the size of the iPhone 12 mini is smaller, the “bangs” have been reduced in proportion, Apple’s design has never been changed, of course, if you say “New iPhone will change Lightning to USB- The rumors of “C interface” are the same, and now there is news that the new generation of iPhone in 2021, the iPhone 13, will be reduced in size.

This statement comes from macotakara, a well-known Apple product breaking news blog in Japan. They also recently broke the design of the new iPad and iPad Pro. Their news in the past still has a certain degree of credibility. The main source of news is actually us from Apple’s main foundries Domestically, they said that the TrueDepth camera system of the iPhone 13 will be smaller because the receiver part has been moved to the edge of the fuselage. Unlike previous years, Apple has also used this “bangs” design for 4 generations. This time the iPhone 13 It is indeed possible to change a bit, but this will bring about a change in the screen assembly, which does not seem to be something cost-conscious Apple will do.

iPhone 13 may shrink the "bangs" design
In addition, the overall design of the iPhone 13 is to maintain the mold of the iPhone 12 series. The length and width will not change. Only the body thickness will increase by 0.26mm. The other change is the camera system part on the back. The frame remains the same size, but this part will be increased by 0.9mm, so the lens will no longer protrude, and is flush with the outer frame. The whole piece may be sapphire glass (currently only the lens glass is covered).

The above news is all rumors, and it will not be until the autumn of September at least until Apple releases the next-generation iPhone 13 (it’s only in January…), so unreliable news is still flying in the sky, so take a look, And judging by your own understanding of Apple, don’t make a joke easily if you hear it.