iPhone 12mini is being abandoned

iPhone 12mini is being abandoned

In the field of smartphones, Apple has always been doing its own way, and it dares to do everything the Android camp dares not do. For example: In 2020, Apple will dare to launch a new model like the iPhone SE, a mobile phone with a non-full screen or a single camera with poor performance, but it is precisely because of this model that Apple will have the smallest decline in 2020. s brand. But when the horse also stumbles, the iPhone 12mini is the best proof.

iPhone 12mini is being abandoned
Various big data show that the iPhone 12 mini is the least popular among the four models of the iPhone 12 series this year, and its sales account for only about 6% of the overall iPhone 12 series sales.

The latest report from Morgan Stanley on January 21 shows that Apple has adjusted the production capacity of the iPhone 12 mini, reducing the overall production capacity by 2 million units. The production capacity of iPhone 12 mini will be transferred to iPhone 12 Pro so that more iPhone 12 Pro models can be produced. The report also shows that the iPhone 12 is the most popular model in the Chinese market, with the current overall sales accounting for 20.3%. The most popular overseas is the iPhone 12 Pro.

The most popular overseas is the iPhone 12 Pro.
According to this trend, the iPhone 12 mini may be abandoned by Apple in the future. In fact, this is also a very normal phenomenon. The market is the best gold-testing stone to test whether a model is good or not. It is useless to say how good the performance is. Market recognition and consumers’ purchase choices are the most important.

The report also claims that the iPhone 12 mini has the worst sales among all iPhone models released in the past three years. This performance is completely contrary to the industry’s predictions before the iPhone 12 mini was officially released. At that time, the industry said that Apple dared to do the opposite to launch a small-screen mobile phone that would surely be recognized by the market. Now the market performance of the iPhone 12 mini has made all the optimists face.

But what to do with the already created iPhone 12 mini inventory? According to the industry, Apple may cut prices for the iPhone 12 mini in the future. Analysis believes that the iPhone 12 mini is not unpopular in the market because of its small screen, but its price makes consumers who like small screens feel worthless. Therefore, if Apple conducts price reduction promotions, the market’s performance may be completely different.

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