IPhone 12 has more than 100 million sales worldwide

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According to foreign media reports, before the launch of the iPhone 12 series, analysts and research institutions generally predicted that this iPhone, which supports 5g network connection, will bring a super update cycle of the iPhone and boost the overall sales of the iPhone. According to the two quarterly financial reports released by apple after its launch, the sales of the iPhone 12 series are indeed considerable.

According to the report of research institutions, the sales volume of iPhone 12 launched in October last year has exceeded 100 million units worldwide, bringing another super update cycle since iPhone 6.

According to the reports of foreign media, the research institute predicts that the sales volume of iPhone 12 series will exceed 100 million in April this year, and it will take only seven months from the launch to the sales volume of more than 100 million, two months earlier than that of iPhone 11 series, which is basically the same as that of iPhone 6.

The research institute also mentioned that the time taken for the launch of iPhone 12 and iPhone 6 to sell more than 100 million units is basically the same, but the reasons for the increase in sales are not the same. IPhone 6 is driven by the pent up demand for large screen mobile phones. Before that, apple did not launch a large screen iPhone; Driving the sales of the iPhone 12 series is the OLED screen that supports 5g and the full range.

Driven by the iPhone 12 series, the average price of the iPhone has reached a new high, and the super update cycle in terms of sales will also drive revenue to a record, the research institute said. At the same time, the super update cycle of iPhone 12 also pushed Apple’s share in the smartphone market to a new high.