IPhone 12 4G/5G signal has turned over again

IPhone 12 4G/5G signal has turned over again

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According to the latest foreign media reports, many iPhone 12 series users have reported that their mobile phone network service will drop unexpectedly (4G / 5G), and apple has not responded.

Judging from the current feedback, it is relatively common for the iPhone 12 series network to be disconnected. Although the specific details are not yet clear, some people speculate that there is a problem in the process of the new machine handling the switch tower.

Of course, the above situation is mainly concentrated in foreign users, including Verizon operators and at & T, while the previous iPhone 11 Pro did not have this problem.

Many users said that although the iPhone 12 series uses the baseband of Qualcomm, the actual signal problem has not been good, and the exact location of the mobile phone network this time also makes them very uncomfortable.

In addition, some users said that after asking Apple technical support for help, they installed two configuration files “baseband” and “cfnetwork diagnostics” remotely on their phones, which could temporarily solve the problem.