iOS 15 will eliminate these models

You can look forward to it.

Today ushered in the Apple system update day. Apple has brought multiple system version updates including iOS 14.4 RC version.

iOS 15 will eliminate these models
It is worth mentioning that Apple has now replaced the previous GM version with the RC (Release Candidate) version. The RC version, like the previous GM version, is the last test version before the official version update, which is equivalent to the quasi-official version. .

If there are no major problems, the updated content of the RC version is usually the same as the official version a week later.

iOS 14.4 has only released two beta updates, but the time span is longer. The first beta was released a month ago.

iOS 14.4 is mainly to improve system stability, and there are not many changes in new features.

iOS 14.4 mainly brings the audio relay function to the HomePod mini, and adds a new function to specify the device type for third-party Bluetooth audio devices. If long-time music playing may damage hearing health, the system will alert the user.

You can look forward to it.
In addition, iOS 14.4 also added the recognition function of the original camera. If the user’s device replaces a third-party camera, the system will prompt a message “Cannot verify whether this iPhone is an original Apple camera”.

The official version of iOS 14.4 is expected to be pushed to users next week. You can look forward to it.

The iOS 14 system is still releasing updates in accordance with Apple’s rhythm, and by 2021, iOS 15 is not far from us.

Apple usually releases the beta update of the new version of iOS at WWDC in June, and the official version is launched in September.

This year’s iOS 15 system will support which models are also users’ concerns. Now some foreign media have got the latest news.

The French website iPhoneSoft will expose the updated devices of the next-generation iOS system in advance every year, and now they have also sent out a list of supported devices for iOS 15.

According to the iPhoneSoft report, according to the news they obtained from Apple, the iOS 15 system will phase out devices equipped with A9 processors, including the iPhone 6s series and the first-generation iPhone SE.

This is consistent with the news exposed by the Israeli website The Verifier in November last year.

It is not surprising that iOS 15 will obsolete the iPhone 6s series.

The iPhone 6s series was released in September 2015, more than five years ago, and the iPhone SE was released in March 2016, which is almost four years away.

It is not a bad thing that iOS 15 no longer supports these models. After all, these devices have been launched for a long time, and running the new system will only increase the burden on the devices.

The minimum supported model for iOS 15 will be the iPhone 7 series, and the minimum supported processor version is A10, which means that the seventh generation iPod touch will support iOS 15.

iOS 15 supported models:

iPhone 12 series

iPhone 11 series

iPhone XS series

iPhone XR

iPhone X

iPhone 8 series

iPhone 7 series

iPhone SE (2020)

iPod touch (7th generation)

For iPad, iPadOS 15 will also give up support for devices with older processors such as A9, including iPad mini 4 (2015), iPad Air 2 (2014) and iPad 5 (2017) will no longer support iOS 15.