iOS 15 update these details

iOS 15 update these details

More than half a month has passed since the first beta version of iOS 15 was released. During this period, some users expressed that they could not tolerate the bugs of the current iOS 15 system. They had already saved data and downgraded back to the iOS 14.6 system, and many users It is still continuing to wait for the second beta version of iOS 15 to be released.

iOS 15 update these details
As the first beta version of iOS 15, bugs are inevitable, otherwise how can it be called a beta version? Although there are a lot of bugs, there are still a lot of small updates in the details of iOS 15.

For example, the activation interface of iOS 15 has been newly designed, using a handwriting design language similar to the new 24-inch iMac, canceling the pure white/black background, replacing the model’s default wallpaper as the background, and attaching a layer of frosted glass effect .

In addition to the activation interface changes, iOS 15 also changed the icons of the two built-in apps. The “Shutter” button in the Camera App icon has been cancelled, and the lens circle has also become thicker; the sun in the Weather App icon has moved from the left to the right of the cloud.

The icons including “Siri and Search” in the settings have also been changed.

In iOS 15, we open Settings-General-Restore, and a new option “Prepare for a new iPhone” has been added to the system settings. Through this function, we can back up the data on the old iPhone to iCloud in advance.

When the new iPhone arrives, just bring the old iPhone close to the new iPhone to quickly log in and set up the new iPhone, and your App and data will be transferred in the latest state.

This feature is convenient for users to quickly transfer the data from the old iPhone to the new iPhone after receiving the new phone, especially for those users who have a lot of data on the iPhone, no need to spend several hours to backup and restore data .

In addition, Apple has also added instructions on discounting and recycling this iPhone in this column, providing users with some suggestions on how to dispose of the old iPhone.

When we select “Erase all content and settings”, the system will also prompt that if you erase this iPhone, the App and data, Apple ID, activation lock, Apple wallet data and other information on the iPhone will be erased.

In other words, when you erase the iPhone, the Apple ID activation lock will also be erased. It will not be activated by entering the Apple ID on the activation interface as before. But it should be noted that before erasing the iPhone, Apple will also require you to enter the correct Apple ID password to complete the operation of erasing the iPhone.

Although the iOS 15 system did not bring any particularly major updates to the user interface and functions, the updates in some small details are more user-friendly. Similar to the previous iOS 13 and iOS 12, iOS 15 is more like an icing on the cake based on iOS 14.

In terms of model upgrade recommendations, in view of the fact that most of the new and practical functions of iOS 15 only support devices with A12 processors and above. Therefore, the editor recommends that iPhone XR and above models can consider upgrading to iOS 15 system, and the editor does not recommend upgrading for iPhone X and below models~

Of course, if you want to upgrade and early adopters, it is also possible. As for when the second beta version of iOS 15 will be released, it is expected to be released next Tuesday at the latest.

If you want to upgrade to iOS 15,


Copy the link and open it in the Safari browser to download and install the iOS 15 beta description file.

After installing the description file of the iOS 15 beta version, restart the iPhone, then open Settings-General-Software Update, pull down a bit, and you will receive the update prompt for the iOS 15 beta version.

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