iOS 14.4 update Family Bucket released

iOS 14.4 update Family Bucket released

Apple officially pushed the Family Bucket upgrade package, including iOS 14.4, iPadOS 14.4, watchOS 7.3, HomePod version 14.4 software, etc.

iOS 14.4 update Family Bucket released

This update mainly involves vulnerabilities fixes, such as WebKit vulnerabilities, kernel vulnerabilities may allow malicious applications to elevate privileges, and Apple said that it has learned about the vulnerability report.

In terms of functions, iOS 14.4 is optimized for QR code scanning. After the upgrade, the camera can recognize a smaller QR code. There is also a new Bluetooth device type classification option, which can correctly identify the headset for audio notification.

watchOS 7.3 fixes the problem that caused the control center and notification center to become unresponsive when the zoom function is enabled. The Unity dial is added, and the shape will change over time.

the shape will change over time.

The ECG function is also open to more regions, including Japan, Mayotte, the Philippines and Thailand; the new support countries and regions for the irregular heart rhythm notification function include Japan, Mayotte, the Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan.

The HomePod version 14.4 software is mainly optimized for interactive functions. The iPhone with U1 chip will have some exclusive special effects when it is close to HomePod.