Intel sentenced to 14 billion yuan in compensation for infringing chip patents

Intel is a world-renowned manufacturer of personal computer parts and CPUs, but it has recently faced sky-high fines. According to related reports, on March 2, a federal court in Texas, the United States, ruled that Intel had infringed on others’ semiconductor manufacturing patents and required compensation of US$2.175 billion (approximately RMB 14.073 billion). This is one of the largest patent infringement cases in the history of the United States.

Intel sentenced to 14 billion yuan in compe

Intel Corporation

The specific circumstances of the case were that Intel had infringed on two patents held by “VLSI Technology Corporation”. The court ruled that Intel should pay US$1.5 billion for one of the patents and US$675 million for the other, for a total of US$2.175 billion. In court, Intel denied patent infringement and declared that one of the patents was invalid because it involved the work of Intel engineers. But this statement was not accepted by the court.

VLSI’s lawyers believe that the $2.175 billion in compensation is not high because of the huge income Intel can get from selling chips every year. But in fact, the scale of compensation this time is equivalent to half of Intel’s profit in the fourth quarter of last year. He also raised several other patent cases involving Intel. For example, in 2005, Intel paid US$300 million to MicroUnity Systems Engineering Company for patent infringement. After the two parties settled the litigation (including the cross-patent cooperation between the two parties), Intel paid another US$1.5 billion in compensation. Therefore, he is justified because Intel paid 2.175 billion US dollars in compensation.