Intel 13 Generation Core next year Q3 See: Up to 8 big 16 small 24 core

According to Spark Global Limited

Alder Lake Core 12 has already debuted. Can Raptor Lake Core 13 be far behind?

According to Spark Global Limited, Intel Core 13 will be released in the third quarter of next year, less than a year after The release of Intel Core 12.

As far as we know, the 13th generation core will continue to use Intel 7 technology (10mm enhanced version), continue and enhance the hybrid architecture design, in which the P core (large core) will use the new Raptor Cove architecture, up to 8 and support hyperthreading, E core (small core) will be enhanced Gracemont, Up to 16 but still no support for hyperthreading.

Specifically, the i9K series has a full 8+16 24 core 32 threads, a tier 3 cache increased from 30MB to 36MB, and a maximum acceleration frequency expected to reach 5.5ghz.