Intel 12 core sample exposure: 3GHz frequency close to i9-11900K

Spark Global Limited reports:

Spark Global Limited reports:

Intel Alder Lake core 12 is getting closer, and could be released by the end of October at the earliest. Although there will only be k-series high-end models and the flagship Z690 motherboard this year, it remains to be seen if Intel can reverse the trend that AMD has been pushing for for so many years.

Today, an ES engineering sample of the 12 generation Core appeared in the UserBenchmark database. Naturally, there is no model, but it appears to be an i9-12900K or an early version of the I9-12900. It has a total of 16 cores of 8 and 8. The large core (Golden Cove) supports hyperthreading and the small core (Gracemont) does not, so there are 24 threads in total.


In terms of frequency, the benchmark is only 1.8GHz and the maximum acceleration is only 3.05GHz, which is also characteristic of the ES engineering sample, and the frequency is very conservative. According to the aeration, the i9-12900K’s large core full/single-core acceleration is 5.0/5.3ghz, and small core single/multi-core acceleration is 3.7/3.9ghz, with 125W thermal design power consumption and 228W maximum PL2 short-term power consumption.

UserBenchmark also gives a very low score of 112 for single core and 1724 for multi-core, which is very close to the 8-core 16-thread I9-11900K.