Integrated Type-C Docking Station

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Ugreen, a domestic accessory manufacturer, recently crowdfunding a lightweight laptop stand called “x-kit” overseas. The product adopts folding design, multi gear angle adjustment, and USB hub function is integrated on the left side. The crowdfunding price of the product is $49, which has reached the progress.



Lvlian x-kit is made of aluminum alloy and plastic, and the computer contact surface has a large area of silicone anti-skid pad. The length of the bracket is only 25cm, the width is 5.6CM, and the weight is only 283g. The product can carry 5kg, which is suitable for all series of Apple MacBook laptops and other laptops no more than 5kg in recent years.

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When using, users only need to pull open with both hands, and the two support rods inside the bracket will pop out automatically. The stand provides four different gears, which can raise the laptop screen, facilitate heat dissipation and protect the cervical spine, so that users can have a more comfortable angle to type.


As for USB hub docking station, Greenlink x-kit uses a dual head type-C short cable to connect the computer. The protocol supports USB 3.2 GEN1, which is 5Gbps bandwidth. The docking station provides two USB 3.2 GEN1 a output interfaces, an HDMI 1.4 interface, and an SD / TF card reader with a maximum speed of 104mb / s.



It home has learned that the product has been crowdfunding on the foreign website indiegogo. The crowdfunding target is $20000, and $25745 has been completed, and the product crowdfunding price is $49 (about 320.7 yuan)