Initial sales volume may reach a record high, oppo reno5 series booking starts

Initial sales volume may reach a record high, oppo reno5 series booking starts

On December 10, oppo reno5 series new products were officially released. As a new member of oppo’s fist class series product Reno, it is also a new product coming to this important node at the end of the year Naturally, reno5 series had the highest attention before it was released. Of course, the ultra-thin design, better video ability and upgraded Star Diamond Technology of reno5 series did not disappoint us. Even the starting price of RMB 2699 also brought us a great surprise.


Early this morning, Xu Linfa tweeted that he learned from oppo’s communication that “according to the current e-commerce booking volume, the first sales volume of reno5 series e-commerce is likely to break the records of oppo R and Reno series, and set a new record of oppo Reno (R Series)” We all know the popularity of Reno series and R series very well. Reno5 series not only inherits, but also hopes to reach a new high. It can be seen that the market is very satisfied with its expectations.


For many users, high appearance is the inherent label of oppo Reno series. Oppo always likes to surprise you in design. For example, when you are working on simple lifting structure, the first generation Reno has brought a more exquisite and beautiful side spin lifting structure. While most 5g mobile phones are still heavy, reno3 has been on the way to make 5g mobile phones light and thin, and finally continues to reno5 pro, achieving a super light figure of 7.6mm + 173G.


Oppo reno5 also brings you the Reno glow star drill technology, which has better physical properties such as wear resistance, scratch resistance and fingerprint resistance than the ordinary Ag frosted glass. The brightness of the upgraded star drill process has been greatly increased by 35%, which truly achieves the combination of glossiness of bright surface and fingerprint resistance of frosted surface.


In the current social video society, as a convenient shooting tool, the video shooting ability of mobile phone has been paid more and more attention, and this is just a track where oppo started to lay out early. As early as reno3, oppo began to focus on improving the video characteristics of mobile phones. Reno3 provides the basis for mobile video shooting with super video anti shake. The night scene video capability of reno4 broadens the adaptability of mobile video shooting. On this generation of reno5, FDF full-dimensional human image video technology system optimizes the image area by sensing the human image engine, which meets the current situation of portrait shooting The most urgent needs of users.



As mentioned in Xu Lin’s microblog, there are sufficient reasons to support the ultra-high appointment volume of oppo reno5 series. The eye-catching design, friendly pricing and stable supply are all important factors for users to choose oppo reno5. Reno5 has a record number of appointments. Now, oppo has officially opened the booking, and there are more benefits available, such as the purchase of W31 smart wireless headset with an additional 88 yuan, the king’s glory gift pack with the highest value of 888, Huantai game members with a maximum value of 788 yuan, and a subsidy of up to 1200 yuan for the old for the new. Let’s wait and see what kind of hot performance reno5 series will have on the first sale day on December 18.