India seizes counterfeit Xiaomi products worth about 3 million yuan

India seizes counterfeit Xiaomi products worth about 3 million yuan-spark global limited

Xiaomi announced on Monday that it has seized a total of 33.3 million rupees (about 3 million yuan) of counterfeit Xiaomi products from four suppliers in Chennai and three suppliers in Bangalore, as part of the brand’s comprehensive anti-counterfeiting plan.

After Xiaomi filed a complaint with the local police station , the police conducted surprise inspections on the market in October and November. More than 3000 products were found on the market, including mobile phone back shells, earphones, mobile power banks, chargers and earphones. Shopkeepers from these two cities were arrested for allegedly selling fake Xiaomi products worth Rs 249,000 and Rs 84,000. It is reported that the supplier has been managing this business for a long time and selling a variety of unauthorized products on the market.

It is reported that the packaging and quality of the fake Xiaomi product retail box will be very different from the real one. Xiaomi said that users can go to Mijia to verify the original packaging. In addition, unauthorized charging cables are often fragile and can easily break.

IT Home understands that with the increasing number of counterfeit products in India, Xiaomi India has established a special task force to continuously monitor the market and take action on such cases. Xiaomi India stated that buyers should be careful of such incidents and only buy genuine products from brand authorized stores and cooperative stores. The company stated that consumers should only repair their phones through authorized service centers and use only genuine accessories.