Improved endurance and reduced power consumption

Meizu: among the new users who buy Meizu 18

Meizu 18 series mobile phones, launched on March 3, are equipped with a Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor and a 2K 120Hz screen at a price of 4399 yuan.

Improved endurance and reduced power consumption

Recently, Meizu 18 has ushered in the firmware OTA update of flyme pilot version. A series of improvements and updates have been made to the overall endurance, power consumption performance, performance performance and model watermark of Meizu 18.


It home learned that as Meizu’s small screen flagship, Meizu 18 weighs only 162g, has a 6.2-inch body, built-in 4000mAh capacity battery, supports 36W fast charging, and covers general fast charging protocols of PD and QC.


According to the endurance test of digital blogger @ Xiaobai, the overall endurance of Meizu 18 after OTA has improved significantly. Especially in the three hour comprehensive endurance test, compared with the previous version of firmware, the endurance of Meizu 18 has increased by nearly 11%.


In the heavy endurance test of the five hour game, Meizu 18 lasted for five hours. In addition, in the peace elite HDR HD and limit fuselage maximum temperature measurement, Meizu 18 has a significant drop in heat, fuselage temperature is 45.1 ℃.



For Meizu, everything is Ota. The test results show that after the OTA update, the endurance and temperature control of Meizu 18 are improved significantly.