IFI releases list of the top 250 global patents

IFI releases list of the top 250 global patents

Recently, patent database provider lFl Claims released the world’s 250 largest patent holders. As of January this year, there are 8 companies and institutions in mainland China on the list.

Among them, Huawei ranks first among domestic companies (17,112), BOE (9373) and Lenovo (6648) are the second and third in order, becoming the first echelon of domestic companies in the field of international patents. At the same time, the three are among the top global companies. Top 100 companies.

Except for the top 3 domestic companies, the remaining companies were TCL (5823), ZTE (4878), Tsinghua University (2318), Tencent (2311), Haier Smart Home (2028).

IFI releases list of the top 250 global patents

It is reported that while the list focuses on the companies that actually own patents, it also summarizes the patent holdings of subsidiaries within the parent company.

Therefore, Samsung ranks first in the global list with 80,577 valid patent series.

As for other companies, Canon ranked third with 36,161 patents, and Microsoft and Bosch ranked fourth and fifth respectively. The top ten companies also include Panasonic, LG, GE, Intel and Siemens.

It is understood that in November last year, IPRdaliy and the incoPat Innovation Index Research Center jointly released the “2020 Global Wireless Communication Network Technology Invention Patent Ranking”.

Among them, Huawei ranked first with 8,607 patents, Qualcomm ranked second with 5807 patents, and OPPO ranked third with 5353 patents.

Earlier, Ren Zhengfei said in an interview that Huawei has collected 1.4 billion US dollars in patent fees over the years and paid more than 6 billion US dollars in intellectual property fees.

Moreover, the annual investment of about 15-20 billion US dollars and nearly 80,000 to 90,000 research and development personnel, leading the world cannot be stolen.