If your iPhone is stolen

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Recently, many media at home and abroad are reporting how Brazilian criminals steal people’s mobile phones and swipe their credit cards in a short time. If your iPhone is stolen, the latest precautions from IOS 14 and IOS 15 are likely to help you, at least not make you anxious.

One of the biggest features of IOS 15 is that as long as the user has enabled the “activation lock”, the iPhone can be found even after the factory settings are turned off or restored. It turns out that this really works in real life, because even if the phone is restored to factory settings, users can still access the exact location of the iPhone, which is more conducive to the police to arrest the suspect. Next, I’d like to share with you some precautions before the iPhone is stolen.

How to protect your iPhone before it’s stolen

Set SIM pin

In Brazil, the first thing many robbers do after robbing the iPhone is to unplug the SIM card of the mobile phone and insert another mobile phone, while some victims even forget to call the operator to lock the SIM card at the first time, giving the robbers a chance. Therefore, it is particularly important to create a SIM pin code for your iPhone in advance. You can create it through the iPhone’s “Settings – cellular network – SIM card PIN code”, so that no one can use your SIM card after your iPhone is turned off or another phone is inserted.

Delete personal information such as credit card and ID card from photo gallery

For personal sensitive information involved in the photo gallery, if it can be deleted, please do not keep it in your photo gallery for a long time, because it is also an important part of personal privacy leakage after the iPhone is stolen. If you have too many photos on your mobile phone and are not sure when they were taken, you can enter keywords such as “credit card” or “file” in the search column of the photo app. If you find your credit card / ID card is there, please delete it.

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