“I want to be quiet”

Apple uses Snapchat AR to demonstrate

Every time you put down your mobile phone and get ready to work and study, your mobile phone will always receive reminders from various apps. Once you don’t grasp your attention, as soon as you put it away, an hour will pass unconsciously.

In this era when attention is money, every app is deliberately “sharing” your attention. As a result, our mobile phones are receiving some irrelevant “junk information” all the time. Endless notifications interrupt the pace of our work and study.

Now, if we want to protect our concentration that has been crushed by mobile phones, we may need the help of mobile phone manufacturers.

This is probably the most useful feature of IOS 15

After WWDC 2021, 9to5mac launched a vote to invite readers to choose their favorite new features on IOS 15. As a result, 30% of the readers voted for “focus”. It seems that in most people’s minds, focus may be the most useful feature on IOS 15.

Before that, the best way to block notification interference on IOS was to turn on do not disturb mode, and reduce the interference of notification and call reminder through mute and other ways.

However, when you pick up your mobile phone, you still have to face the colorful world composed of various entertainment apps. When you should be distracted, you will still be distracted.

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