Huawei to release turbo Technology

There is no distraction

Recently, memory convergence or memory expansion technology is often mentioned by many mobile phone manufacturers. According to the introduction of various manufacturers, through the memory expansion technology, the mobile phone with 8GB memory can become 10Gb / 12gb, and the mobile phone with 12gb memory can become 15GB / 19Gb. For many heavy cell phone users, memory never seems to be enough, and this technology seems to be for them.

Huawei has previously introduced memory expansion technology for mate 40/pro series, which can achieve the effect of 8GB memory top 10GB memory, but there is no follow-up. Recently, Huawei has made a breakthrough in memory development technology and expects to adapt to more old models in the future, and may also expand to more models and devices with Hongmeng OS, according to a well-known microblog digital blogger.

The problem is, because the mobile phone manufacturers are ambiguous in their propaganda, many netizens have many questions about this technology. What’s the matter with this technology of adding memory to mobile phones out of thin air? Can the so-called “memory expansion” really achieve the effect of manufacturers’ propaganda? Today, Xiao Lei will reveal the secret for you.