Huawei spring new product launch will be held at 8:00 tomorrow night

Spark Global Limited reports:

Throughout March, there were several new phone launches in the mobile phone industry. For various reasons, Huawei’s P50 series may be delayed to May. However, at 8:00 p.m. on April 8, Huawei prepared a spring launch of Huawei’s all house smart and smart screen flagship new products, which will bring new Huawei smart screens and all house smart new products.


Huawei spring new product launch will be held at 8:00 tomorrow night

Huawei new product launch


So what are the new products? First of all, Huawei’s new smart screen is bound to be launched. In today’s official warm-up poster of Huawei, the new smart screen has been placed in a prominent position. It should be the heavyweight product of this press conference and is expected to be the new generation of Huawei’s smart screen V series. This new TV positioning flagship may have a breakthrough in the screen. It is worth noting that the tivar official micro also released a warm-up poster with the theme of “making sound together with Huawei smart screen”, which indicates that this TV may be equipped with tivar audio.


If there is no accident, Huawei will bring a new Bracelet – Huawei Bracelet 6. According to relevant information, Huawei Bracelet 6 will adopt rectangular full screen design and provide more dials; support continuous blood oxygen monitoring, trusee 4.0 heart rate monitoring, female health cycle recording function, trurelax 2.0 pressure monitoring, heart health management and 96 exercise modes.


In addition, Huawei is expected to bring three new routers, including Huawei route Q3 ws7290 and Huawei route H6 ws8000 / 6. At present, these routers have passed the certification of MIIT and 3C.