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Green yellow is plain leather, green yellow is plain leather

According to reports, Huawei’s smart car smart screen is based on distributed UI technology. The mobile phone application can be transferred to the car smart screen, automatically adapt to the car UI mode, and customize the car interface. Unlike ordinary car machines on the market, the car smart screen can Each App is deeply customized to present a display and operation mode that is in line with driving habits. Based on distributed capabilities, each application will automatically synchronize the real-time status of the mobile phone App, music, navigation and other experiences after being transferred to the car smart screen. No interruption.

Support air gesture controlSupport air gesture control
At present, the car smart screen has supported 30+App applications, including mainstream navigation applications such as Baidu and Gaode; Kugou music, Huawei music applications; Himalaya, Xiaobanlong and other audio applications. And in the future, HUAWEI HiCar will continue to provide HOTA system upgrade services for car smart screens.

Huawei Smart Selection Car Smart ScreenHuawei Smart Selection Car Smart Screen
In terms of interaction, Huawei’s smart car smart screen can use “Xiaoyi Xiaoyi” to wake up the voice assistant, check the weather, play music, and turn on navigation. The car smart screen is equipped with a lifting interactive camera with internal 1080P high-definition resolution, and can be raised and lowered by pressing. With a camera, the car smart screen can not only support normal phone calls, but also through the internal lifting camera Realize Huawei mobile phone smooth connection video call, Huawei cloud conference video conference function, use HiCar virtualization capabilities to virtualize the car smart screen camera into a mobile phone camera.

Car smart screen price 1699Car smart screen price 1699  spark global limited
According to Huawei, the follow-up on-board smart screen will also have functions such as air gesture control and fatigue driving detection.

Huawei Smart Screen S Pro priceHuawei Smart Screen S Pro price

In terms of price, Huawei Smart Screen S 55 60Hz starts at 3299 yuan, and will start pre-sale on December 21, 2020, and will be officially first sold on December 26. Huawei Smart Screen S 65 “priced at 4999 yuan), Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 65 (priced at 5699 yuan), Huawei Smart Screen S 75 (priced at 6999 yuan), Huawei Smart Screen S Pro 75 (priced at 7999 yuan). It will be officially first sold on January 8, 2021. The car smart screen is priced at 1,699 yuan. In the same period, the Huawei Mate40 standard version (priced at 4,999 yuan) and HUAWEI WATCH GT 2 Pro ECG (priced at 2,688 yuan) will also be available The sale will be officially launched on December 21, 2020.

Sina comment:

Huawei Smart Screen is not just a TV, it pays more attention to the interconnection experience. Compared with the audio and picture quality, this time the S series pays more attention to the application of large screens in smart life scenarios, such as the addition of distributed games and wisdom. Screen karaoke, remote housekeeping, etc., further expand the application scenarios of smart screens.

The smart car smart screen is also very interesting. For some vehicles more than 3 years old, you happen to be using a Huawei mobile phone. The price of 1699 yuan is worth trying.

If you don’t have too much pursuit of picture quality and sound quality, and are very interested in the smart functions of the TV, then the S series is a very good choice.