Huawei P50 PRO + new rendering exposure

Huawei P50 PRO + new rendering exposure

Onleaks released 3D renderings of Huawei’s P50 and p50 Pro a few weeks ago. Both devices have a strange design, with two big circles on the convex part of the pill like camera. However, the circles are blank for the time being and do not reveal the layout of the cameras.




Huawei P50 PRO + new rendering exposure

Now, another informant, houlndi, has released a previously unseen rendering of Huawei’s P50 PRO +, claiming to reveal what’s inside these circles. The rendering shows a wild layout: it’s a five shot design with a periscope and a smaller lens in one circle and three shots in the other.


In addition, Huawei P50 PRO + uses a “waterfall” display, which has a very large side radian.


Previous Huawei P50 PRO + rendering


However, these renderings may not be 100% accurate. Last month, the informant released the layout of P50 PRO + rear camera, which is very different from this one. In addition, even if these renderings are based on internal information, manufacturers usually try different prototypes before deciding on the final design, and there are still a few months before the P50 launch.


It home understands that there is no definite indication of when the P50 will appear, but the news is in May