Huawei mate 40 PRO + DxOMark results announced: 139 points invincible

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As the flagship of the flagship, Huawei’s last generation super cup P40 PRO + did not participate in the DxOMark evaluation. At present, the P40 Pro is ranked third with 132 points, only one point less than the Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, and the champion is the new generation super cup mate 40 pro with 136 points.


Today, DxOMark and Huawei jointly released the image performance of mate 40 PRO +, with an amazing 139 points! This is also the first time for Huawei to test DxOMark, which has won the reputation of “king of cameras”.


The shooting sub item of mate 40 PRO + scored 144, 4 points ahead of mate 40, the video sub item scored 115, 1 point behind mate 40 pro, ranking second in the District, the zoom sub item scored 98, 10 points ahead of mate 40 pro, but 3 points behind Xiaomi 10 supreme commemorative edition, ranking second in the district.


According to DxOMark’s evaluation, Huawei mate 40 PRO + is a high-end device from various angles, and it deserves to be the champion of DxOMark image. It is as excellent as mate 40 pro in many aspects, but with the improvement of telephoto and ultra wide angle cameras, it will attract more photographers who like very wide to very long focal lengths. The main camera adds optical anti shake, which also helps to improve the detail / noise balance, as well as the short-range perspective effect. The video quality of the device is also very good.



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-The dynamic range is wide in all cases


-Good light and color balance


-Most of the time, it’s very detailed


-In most cases, autofocus is fast and stable


-Ultra wide angle photography has good detail and low noise level


-Excellent remote detail, low noise, especially in close range


-Wide dynamic range of night photography, good balance of texture and noise


-Good balance between light and texture noise of indoor video


-Effective video anti shake




-There are artifacts such as color quantization, aliasing and ghosting


-In close range shooting, sometimes focusing fails


-The preview is often very different from the final image


-In the video, sometimes the skin color is not accurate