Huawei He Gang: there are more than P50 Series in the press conference

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Today, Huawei announced that it will launch its annual flagship P50 series on July 29. He Gang, COO of Huawei’s consumer business, revealed that not only Huawei’s P50 series, but also many new products are on the stage. Please look forward to it!

Therefore, in addition to the annual flagship P50 series, IOT terminal products are expected to appear in this new product launch.

Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said that there is no end to the way forward. This time, we have surpassed ourselves in the field of imaging. Huawei’s P50 series is about to launch a new mobile imaging technology pioneered by the industry, which will set sail in a new era of mobile imaging.

According to the information previously exposed, the Huawei P50 series should still be three models: P50, P50 pro and p50 PRO +. The design of the three models is basically the same, and the main difference lies in the specific configuration parameters.

According to information, Huawei P50 Pro has been upgraded to a four camera combination, with the specifications of imx800 + ov64a + 5x periscope + new TOF sensor. Among them, the main camera imx800 is the largest bottom sensor in Sony’s history, with a 1 / 1.18 inch super large bottom. It not only performs well in taking photos, but also means a significant improvement in its night shooting ability. We’ll see.