Huawei has a watch? real or fake?

The most popular overseas is the iPhone 12 Pro.

A smart watch is a smart watch with a built-in smart system, equipped with a smart phone system and connected to the network to achieve multi-functions. It can synchronize calls, text messages, emails, photos, music, etc. in the phone. According to media reports in March 2013, technology giants such as Apple, Samsung, and Google will release smart watches later in 2013.

ZTE and Tencent held a press conference to officially launch the new smart watch AXON Watch, which is equipped with Qualcomm APQ8026 processor platform and runs TencentOS (TOS) operating system.

Recently, a technology giant has also made new moves. According to, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. has applied for the “NOVA Watch” trademark. This means that Huawei may launch new nova series watches. Are you looking forward to it?