Huami releases amazfit T-Rex Pro smart Watch

Huami releases amazfit T-Rex Pro smart Watch

Huami technology officially released its new outdoor smart watch amazfit T-Rex pro. The appearance of the watch is still tough, and NFC bus / access card and other functions are added on the basis of the previous generation.

Huami releases amazfit T-Rex Pro smart Watch

On the basis of amazt’s advanced outdoor sports performance, amazt’s smart watch and refizt’s advanced outdoor sports performance in 2020 are extended.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro has a strong overall shape, a clear outline and a strong sense of power. The watch has passed 15 military standard certification, and the official said that it can provide tenacity and ease in hot desert, humid rainforest, alpine snow line and polar freezing point.


Amazfit T-Rex pro’s exterior details and internal structure have been enhanced to give consideration to both strength and practicality,. In addition, amazfit T-Rex Pro controls the weight at 60g and gives consideration to light comfort; in the strap part, amazfit T-Rex Pro adopts silicone strap with sweat guiding design on the inside,.


In terms of screen, amazfit T-Rex Pro is equipped with a 1.3-inch AMOLED display screen. At the same time, the watch also supports AOD screen all day display technology, which improves the visual experience in actual use.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro is equipped with “four star three mode” positioning system, with built-in GPS+GLONASS, GPS+Galileo and GPS+ Beidou “four star three mode” satellite positioning system. Users can freely select the positioning module according to the environment and preferences, quickly locate and improve positioning accuracy.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro is 100 meters waterproof, swimming, snorkeling, or surfing adventure without taking off a watch. It supports more than 100 sports modes, covering 12 categories of daily and professional sports such as walking, running, cycling, swimming, water, outdoor, dancing, fighting, ball games, ice and snow, leisure and others. The watch also has built-in exersense, the latest automatic motion recognition algorithm of huami technology, which can intelligently recognize eight motion modes and record corresponding motion data. The motion algorithm comes from firstbeat, which provides professional data such as maximal oxygen uptake, complete recovery time, aerobic and anaerobic training effect, and training load to help users better improve their exercise level.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro continues the professional health management gene of amazfit brand, and is equipped with biotracker 2 PPG high-precision biological tracking optical sensor developed by huami technology, supplemented by the latest health monitoring technology and algorithm, bringing professional health management function and safety warning function.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro supports blood oxygen saturation detection to help users measure the oxygen content in the blood. It will remind the user to detect the blood oxygen saturation in time according to the height change.


In addition, 24-hour daily heart rate monitoring, Pai health assessment system, sleep monitoring, sleep breathing quality monitoring and other functions are related to health function.


Amazfit T-Rex Pro has built-in multi-functional NFC, and the watch can also be transformed into a bus card and an access card. It also has the functions of notification, call, alarm clock, event reminder, mobile phone music control, etc., making your daily life more calm and convenient.


On this basis, amazfit T-Rex Pro also provides up to 18 days of endurance, outdoor exploration or daily wear, which can save the trouble of frequent charging.