Howay technology launches AI automotive ASIC

AI automotive ASIC

According to foreign media reports, omnivision technologies, the developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, announced the launch of AI driven automotive application specific integrated circuit (ASIC) oax8000, which is optimized for the entry-level independent driver monitoring system (DMS).
AI automotive ASIC
Oax8000 adopts stacked chip architecture and provides the industry’s first DMS processor with on-chip DDR3 SDRAM (synchronous dynamic random access memory) memory (1GB). It is also the first dedicated DMS processor integrating neural processing unit (NPU) and image signal processor (ISP). It can provide up to 1.1 trillion operations per second for line of sight and eye tracking algorithms.
This fast processing speed, coupled with the convolutional neural network (CNN) acceleration of 1K Mac and the integrated SDRAM, can minimize the power consumption of DMS system. The total power consumption of oax8000 and omnivision automotive image sensors is only 1 watt under typical conditions. In addition to further optimizing the DMS system, this integrated design also reduces the area occupied by the engine control unit (ECU).
According to the data of yole development, a market research institution, the compound annual growth rate of DMS market is expected to reach 56% between 2020 and 2025. According to Euro NCAP requirements of the European Union, by 2022, all new cars sold in the European Union must be equipped with DMS cameras.
Brian pluckebaum, marketing manager of howay automotive products, said, “at present, most of the DMS processors on the market are not specifically used for this kind of application, and additional circuits are needed to perform other system functions, thus consuming more power and occupying more board space, and can not reserve space for on-chip SDRAM. The oax8000 ASIC is designed specifically for entry-level DMS and provides optimized solutions for the automotive industry. ”
The on-chip NPU of oax8000 is supported by tensorflow, cafe, mxnet and onnx toolchain. In addition, a four core armcortex A5 CPU core is embedded in the ASIC to speed up video coding / decoding and on-chip video analysis algorithms, as well as hardware for image processing, video coding and RGB / IR processing. The high dynamic image processing capability of the HDR / RBR sensor allows for strong daytime image contrast and allows input. At the same time, its integrated video encoder can receive the image of 5 megapixel Howell automobile image sensor, and output 2K resolution video at 30 frames per second.
Compared with competitive products, the oax8000 has a much faster start-up time, eliminating the delay between ignition and activation of the DMS camera. In addition, oax8000 also supports secure startup function to ensure network security.
Other applications include handling occupant detection algorithms, such as distinguishing between babies and shopping bags, and providing alerts when objects fall in the car. In addition, the ASIC can also be used to perform faceid and other functions in the vehicle video safety system, and preset driver comfort settings (such as seat position) when the DMS scans the driver’s face for the first time.