How to use the “fourth camera” of the new iPhone?

Before the release of the iPhone 12, many people predicted that the new iPhone 12 Pro series would be like other mobile phone manufacturers, by adding cameras to obtain better shooting results, while the iPhone 12 gave the precious fourth camera position to the lidar Scanner (LiDAR).

  This is not the first time Apple has used a lidar scanner in its own products. The iPad Pro was equipped with this new technology six months ago. Putting aside various professional terms, in general, the lidar scanner on the iPhone 12 Pro series and iPad Pro is a device that can quickly detect the distance of an object and record depth information.

  If you use an iPhone or iPad that is not equipped with a lidar scanner, when you enter an AR app such as “Rangefinder”, it will remind you to “move the device to start” or “return to the upper area to continue”, but if you use a laser The iPad Pro or iPhone 12 Pro series models of the radar scanner do not need a mobile device to find the plane, just click to enter the interface, and soon the plane can be recognized, the object is generated or the distance is measured.

iPad Pro 2020 can use “Rangefinder” to quickly locate

  In addition to assisting in shooting and measuring height, what use is it for? Today, Mr. A recommends several AR apps that can be applied to lidar scanners to see what new experiences it can bring us.

  • 3D Scanner APP: Scan your room

  If you want to introduce the room layout, what form will you adopt? Is it language description, drawing to show, or using “3D Scanner APP” to directly scan a model and show it to others?

  The operation of “3D Scanner APP” is very simple. Open the app, click the shooting button on the right, and move the iPad to scan walls and objects. Thanks to the existence of the lidar scanner, the entire scanning modeling process is very smooth and relatively comparative. accurate.

  Although the resolution is not very high, compared to other 3D scanning modeling apps in the past, it is already a great improvement. After the scan is over, you can drag, zoom, and recolor the scanned object, and edit the measurement.

  You can also click share to save the 3D model in common model formats such as’OBJ’, and click on’Sketchfab’ at the bottom. After registering and logging in, you can upload the model to the official website.

  In the website, you can still re-render the model and click to share the exclusive address of the generated model. Even if your friend does not install the “3D Scanner APP” app and does not have a registered account, you can use the generated link directly in the browser View the 3D model you scanned in.

  ”3D Scanner APP” can do more than just scan the room layout, you can also use it to scan items on the table, outdoor construction vehicles, and use AR to change the location of the building and the vehicle.

  • JigSpace: Use AR to learn the structure

  When we were in school, we learned about cell classification, mechanical structure, flat, boring, and non-interactive through presentations made by teachers. Today, AR, which was only experienced in science exhibitions, can finally be realized through iPad.